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The cage I had a lead on previously fell through, but just when I had drawn out my own plans for an iguana cage, I found another one on craigslist -a better one. It was almost exactly how I had designed my own, but bigger. The people also gave me a great deal on a pile of other tanks and supplies too!

The cage breaks into three parts for easier moving. 

It’s 6 ft tall, 4ft wide, and 2ft deep.

It also has a storage space at the bottom which could easily be converted into another reptile cage!

Plus, it has display and heat lights built in. It even came with a timer so that the lights will go on automatically at a specific time in the morning and a specific time at night.

It came with all the basking branches, bowls, ledges, and the fake banana plant. 

The viewing space could be bigger, but this is something I could probably fix.

Now guess how much I got it for. Only $50!!! If you’re looking for an iguana cage, go to I have gotten amazing deals there and this one is probably the best yet! You can even find iguanas in need of homes.

Esmerelda seemed a little awkward in it at first, but she warmed up to it a few days later. She likes to spread out on the top basking branch, her legs hanging off the sides.


I have been looking at different cage ideas and found some neat ones I thought I would share. I am actually looking into one that is already built that I found on craigslist. It is 6′ tall x 2 1/2 wide. Only 50 dollars, so that is a good deal and cheaper than it would cost for the materials to build my own. Still, it is on the simple side and not precisely what I’m looking for, so I would probably fix it up nonetheless.

If you’re currently looking for an iguana cage, search craigslist first (unless you have something very very specific that you want). I see iguana cages up there all the time. You could even search for large aquariums and ferret cages that you might be able to convert into a suitable iguana cage.

Now for the neat iguana cages I’ve found. Maybe you can get some ideas from them:

Made of PVC pipes:

Iguana Mansion! … cf.jpg?v=0

Most like what I want. I would like doors like this for easy cleaning and handling and I also think the wheels would come in handy. … s-cage.jpg

The first one is really neat, especially if you had a tiki theme going. I like the idea of a corner cage.

I may have to get one of these. I think it would make a great summer house and I think the price is pretty reasonable. … catid=6062