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Now 34 Inches, Esmerelda is getting too heavy to sit on my head!

Her claws are getting harder to handle and she needs to have them clipped more often for easier handling. I’m thinking about experimenting with covering some of her logs with the same type of sand paper material used for those sand perch covers for birds. I think this may help keep her nails filed down. I’ll update on how it goes.



When I first brought Esmerelda home, she didn’t want to eat more than one piece of each thing. One piece of lettuce, one piece of kale, one piece of mustard green. She was a very stubborn eater and I was worried about her not eating enough.

I remembered a time when I was at the Walgreen’s buying baby food for my crested geckos. One of the clerks there told me about how she used to feed her iguana banana baby food. I happened to have some because of my cresteds so I gave it a shot.

I fed it to her with a syringe and she lapped it up. She’s also eaten carrot and the mango and assorted fruit flavors. I mixed in some calcium too to make sure she was getting good vitamins.

Now Esmerleda is being better about eating, probably because she has settled in more, and will eat lots of pieces of the same thing. She’s even been daring enough to try some of her dry iguana food, but she only likes to eat out of her bowl when she thinks I’m not looking. 

The first time I caught her I had opened the door and she had a big piece of lettuce hanging out of her mouth as she stood over the food bowl. As soon as she saw me she dropped it back into the bowl!

So if your iguana is being a little stubborn about eating, try baby food! Try flavors like carrots, banana, assorted fruits, and other tropical flavors.|