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March 16th marked the day I brought Esmerelda home. I’ve had her a whole year now and she has literally doubled in size in just 12 months. When I brought her home she was just 20 inches long and now she is 40 inches! 😀 

Maybe she is finally slowing down though, as she is still 40 inches like in January. Then again, the warm weather will likely give her a boost. 😀

I didn’t realize how big she was until I took a picture of myself holding her. She’s not just a big lizard anymore – she’s an iguana!


After getting cut to pieces last night trying to measure Esmerelda, it turns out she didn’t even grow an inch! All that pain for nothing. Still 40 inches.

I don’t know what got into her, but she was really grumpy last night and didn’t want anything to do with me.

Maybe I should have been keeping track of girth too. I can tell that her throat and dewlap have gotten wider and more prominent. She is really starting to looking like an adult Iguana. I can’t believe that in March, I will have had her a whole year.

She has literally doubled in size since the first day I got her. From 20 inches to 40 in 12 months. Wow.

Esmerelda is now 40 inches long! It is hard to believe, looking back at picture from just a few months ago, that she was ever that small. 

I am now using a sewing measuring tape to measure Esmerelda. I was late in measuring her this month and got it done on the 18th, rather than the 9th.

She is now 38 inches!

Esmerelda is now about twice the size that she was when I last let her and Bryn (my male water dragon) out together. The last time Esmerelda didn’t like him very much and even attempted to tail whip him. 

This time… Well, I’ll let you see the pictures:

They were so calm and sweet with each other!

It’s official, this month Esmerelda outgrew the yardstick. She is now 36 and a quarter inches from nose to tail tip.

Now 34 Inches, Esmerelda is getting too heavy to sit on my head!

Her claws are getting harder to handle and she needs to have them clipped more often for easier handling. I’m thinking about experimenting with covering some of her logs with the same type of sand paper material used for those sand perch covers for birds. I think this may help keep her nails filed down. I’ll update on how it goes.

It’s a wonder you can’t actually SEE her grow. She’s almost outgrown the yard stick…

I give you, Esmerelda. Now measuring a whopping 32 1/2 inches!

Measured Esmerelda again August 9th and she is now 28 1/2 inches from nose to tail tip!

She is eating well and shedding regularly and is pretty calm with other people, Her claws can be very sharp though, so those need to be clipped at least monthly for comfortable handling. I have just been using regular people nail clippers with no problem. She can be a little fussy, so I just wrap her in a towel, only exposing the foot I want to work with. 

She really seems to like this Juvenile Iguana Food I got her at an exotics pet store near us. The brand is Rep Cal and it has a very ripe fruity smell. All I do is pour some out into her bowl and moisten it a little with one of my spray bottles. 

If you’re having trouble getting your iguana to eat pellet foods I’d recommend this. She took to it very quickly.

^Rep Cal food shown with Mustard Greens

On the other hand, she didn’t seem to care particularly for the Zilla brand: … er-164932/

She would eat it, but not as readily as the Rep Cal: … -oz-151969

Esmerelda grew just slightly over two inches this month. She is now just a little over 26 inches!

I can’t really believe it myself… but I got around to measuring Esmerelda last night to find that she is now 24 inches! That’s two more inches than last month!!!

At this rate… imagine how big she’ll be this time next year!