I saw this product on sale at the PetCo a few days ago. Hardly a large enough serving for a full iguana meal, but I thought Esmerelda might like it and I like to give her different things. 

It sounds like a neat idea. You just add water, let it sit for about 8 minutes, and then serve it to your pet. All that worked fine, the veggies softened and it looked pretty good. I put it in Esmerelda’s food bowl, but she wouldn’t touch it. 

About 12 hours later, maybe less, I went back and it had gotten all moldy and gross. Esmerelda hadn’t even touched her other food on the plate which she usually inhales. I cleaned it out immediately and it had the foulest smell – like rodent urine (if you’ve had hamsters or mice, you know what I mean).

How can that be healthy?

Ew! Don’t buy this product.