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I have been looking at different cage ideas and found some neat ones I thought I would share. I am actually looking into one that is already built that I found on craigslist. It is 6′ tall x 2 1/2 wide. Only 50 dollars, so that is a good deal and cheaper than it would cost for the materials to build my own. Still, it is on the simple side and not precisely what I’m looking for, so I would probably fix it up nonetheless.

If you’re currently looking for an iguana cage, search craigslist first (unless you have something very very specific that you want). I see iguana cages up there all the time. You could even search for large aquariums and ferret cages that you might be able to convert into a suitable iguana cage.

Now for the neat iguana cages I’ve found. Maybe you can get some ideas from them:

Made of PVC pipes:

Iguana Mansion! … cf.jpg?v=0

Most like what I want. I would like doors like this for easy cleaning and handling and I also think the wheels would come in handy. … s-cage.jpg

The first one is really neat, especially if you had a tiki theme going. I like the idea of a corner cage.

I may have to get one of these. I think it would make a great summer house and I think the price is pretty reasonable. … catid=6062


I can’t really believe it myself… but I got around to measuring Esmerelda last night to find that she is now 24 inches! That’s two more inches than last month!!!

At this rate… imagine how big she’ll be this time next year!

I can not believe it has been another month already. I am, once again, late with the measuring. She certainly does look like she has grown though. I will add the exact measurment soon.