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I was a week late measuring her this time, but I guess I wasn’t wrong when I thought she looked bigger. She’s grown a whole inch! Esmerelda is now 22 inches long from her nose to the tip of her tail.

At this rate she could be 30+ inches on the anniversary of my taking her home!

She has filled out since I brought her home and her colors have been brighter. She is getting calmer with time. Last night she actually crawled onto my hand when I put it into her tank.

I will soon be moving her into a larger tank. I have one that is slightly larger and just need to measure it to get the right sized top.

She is still a little picky about her food, but is eating good. She really likes carrot and banana baby food. I have some iguana pellet food for her that I bought from the petco that she likes to ignore. But she will eat it when she thinks I’m not looking (she does this a lot of the time with the collard greens too).

But I did catch her a few nights ago: